Yes, I make commissions. 
You can order commissions sending me an e-mail to

In your email please detail the character you want me to draw, and a general idea of what you had in mind for the illustration, just to give me a hint of what exactly you want.

I usually have an small time window to do commissions, and, while the usual is a waiting time of no more than two months , I beg you to be patient.

Price list:

-A bust (A5 size): 90€
-Character, full body (A4 size): 150€
(I can't afford doing A3 size commissions due to time matters.)
-Extra character: +50€ (max. three characters per commission).

Sorry 'cause the prices are in euros,(I haven't had enought time to make an international price list) but you can do the conversion to your currency easily with some internet converters.

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