martes, noviembre 26, 2013

Thor Season One.

Thor Season One is a Marvel graphic novel, that refresh the origins of Thor bringing it nowadays. I've had worked in this book during almost a year(with a lot of interruptions to make one shots issues of other titles).
Here goes a few pages. The fantastic script is Matt Sturge's and color are of the wonderful Wil Quintana.

When I work I like to take pictures of the pencil process. Here you have also some of them.


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:O Me encantan las tintas son muy respetuosas con tu pedazo de lápiz. Si esta gente de Marvel tiene ojo te darán mas series

SalBa Combé dijo...

Pepe, tío! Eres tan bueno que ofendes...
Y ahora me voy a emborracharme para que se me quiten las ganas de dibujar.
Un abrazo y a ver cuando nos vemos :)