martes, noviembre 26, 2013

Thor Season One.

Thor Season One is a Marvel graphic novel, that refresh the origins of Thor bringing it nowadays. I've had worked in this book during almost a year(with a lot of interruptions to make one shots issues of other titles).
Here goes a few pages. The fantastic script is Matt Sturge's and color are of the wonderful Wil Quintana.

When I work I like to take pictures of the pencil process. Here you have also some of them.


lunes, noviembre 25, 2013

Blog's New Phase.

In the last year, I barely used this blog. Tools like Facebook, Behance or Twitter seemed to give a more inmediate feedback, and I fell into the social network while the blog remained forgotten. Until now.
 It's alive again.
The new head picture and color change is not for you, but for me, to have the impression of creating something new.
I added some tabs containing info of comissions, links to my original art for sale page, my site in Facebook and Behance, and I still have to  add new things. It's just a matter of time.
Thanks for visiting.

And one Black Cat sketch, as a reward for reading all the text.

El año pasado apenas usé el blog, herramientas como Facebook , Twitter o Behance parecían proporcionar un feedback mas inmediato, y me dejé llevar, dejando de lado este blog. Hasta ahora.
La nueva cabecera, el cambio de color es más para mi que para vosotros, para tener la sensación de crear algo nuevo.
He añadido pestañas con información de comissions, enlaces a la pagina de venta de originales, mi pagina de Facebook y mi galeria Behance. Aún me gustaria añadir más cosas, es cosa de tener tiempo.
Gracias por pasaros.

Y un dibujo de la Gata Negra, como recompensa por haber leido todo el tocho.