martes, marzo 18, 2014

it's been a WHILE...

Well, no excuses. I've been working a lot these last months, and , as I can show nothing of the project I'm working in because Marvel hasn't annouced it yet, I'm posting some of the pictures I took of the pages of Wolverine and the Xmen last issues, and more diverse stuff.

Some Sketches made with Cintiq tablet to practice.

And the panels...

Me and my girlfriend in the middle of the havoc.

Yeah, it was FUN.

Don't make the bathroom angry.


Logan being charming.

Don't make the garden angry neither.

Like a champ.

The "f*ck yeah, brother" face

Digital inking process.

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Unknown dijo...

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Unknown dijo...

Those are great. Thanks for sharing them with us.
I know you said you can get tell what the project is that you're working on, but do we have a date for its publication?

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